Welcome To Flatoak JAPAN

Flatoak has 3 main offerings: (1) Internet-of-Things(IoT) & Embedded products for sale at a good value price point. BELOW are some IoT product currently offered. (2) Intel products that include Tablet PCs, and Intel Development & Debug tools. (3) Service to any company wanting to distribute products into the Japan market.

(1) IoT Product offerings for sale:

iPhone Mobile Projector

Minature small size projectors with powerful Lumination. With iPhone being one of the types offered.

Smart Watch GPS

Wearable band with GPS function. Other wearable bands with various functions are available.

Smart Tracker NUT

Tracker to find lost or misplaced items. Small size with a way to connect a strap.

Tablet / 2in1 PC Intel processors

Tablet PCs with the most recent Intel processors installed at the lowest cost, but still full functionality.

(2) Intel Development & Debug Tools (System Studio)

(3) Distribute your products in JAPAN!

Flatoak Co., Ltd. provides a service to promote, test-market, then build mature distribution in Japan.

Macraigor usb2Demon JTAG

Flatoak distributes the Macraigor "low-cost" JTAG in Japan with great success!